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Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is mainly used to remove problematic, painful or infected teeth, to replace missing teeth (implants), to make cosmetic corrections, or to facilitate the placement of a prosthesis.

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Extractions and Implants

Oral surgery is the specialty that deals with the prevention, study, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of conditions affecting the oral cavity. Some of the most common oral surgery procedures include:

Dental extractions: wisdom teeth, decayed or severely injured teeth that cannot be repaired, milk teeth that have not fallen out naturally, and orthodontic treatments that require tooth extraction.

Dental implants: to replace missing teeth.

In some cases, the provisional (or even permanent) prothesis can be put in place the same day the tooth is extracted, thus preserving the patient’s appearance.

At SOMA Clinic, we use computer-guided surgery for greater accuracy. In many cases, this allows us to avoid complex surgical procedures.